Traditional security alarms are hard wired from the sensors in your home back to the main control panel with all cabling neatly concealed. The systems are operated via a small elegant keypad, which is usually fitted in the entrance hallway for ease of use. A typical alarm system would consist of passive infra-red units neatly fitted in the corner of the room that detect heat and movement. Passive infra-reds offer an efficient and cost effective way of protecting your property, but for additional security these would be backed up with contacts fitted to the external doors. Electronic vibration sensors can be fitted to particularly vulnerable windows, especially upstairs where it may be easy to gain access, i.e above flat roofs and extensions.

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    We have a comprehensive range of stylish keypads to suit all decors offering ease of use, one button to set the system and a four digit code to turn it off. The sensors fitted within your home are tried and tested, with first class reliability. Fit and forget, and remember we've fitted thousands of systems and have over thirty years experience.

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