manchester burglar alarms and cctv since 1977


HBA installs and repairs CCTV systems throughout Manchester

CCTV systems comprise of cameras connected to a recording device that can be viewed on any TV in your home or a separate LCD monitor. All systems back up the pictures to a hard drive and if you require a hard copy can be saved on a memory stick, or CD for a permanent record.

External cameras

  • cctv2

    We usually specify vandal proof dome cameras that come complete with a high quality SONY lens and offer low light performance that is second to none. Sometimes these are used in conjunction with additional lighting to enhance night-time performance, although the standard lens is of such quality that it works down to lux levels of 0.0002. This means that the view on screen is better than the view from your window at night-time. Covert discreet cameras are also available that can be concealed within ordinary household items such as hanging baskets and external lights.

Internal cameras

  • dtvsmoke

    If cameras are to be fitted internally then we have a full range available, from concealed discreet ceiling cameras, through to cameras covertly placed within smoke detectors and other household items.

CCTV Recording devices

  • 450tft

    We install DVR recorders that back up all images onto an internal hard drive, these range from budget systems, right through to those where you can view images on your own secure internet site or 3G mobile phone. Whatever you want we can do. The days of changing video tapes everyday are over, with hard drive recording we can set the image recording time for a month with superb quality and a continuous recording loop which requires no input from you.